Third Party Provider Contact Security Policy

This page outlines our policy in regards to divulging information or providing access or making changes to our client's services or accounts via an external request from a third party.

We take our clients services, assets and security very seriously and this policy is in place to protect our clients. All our staff are trained to handle and spot third party requests.

Often, we will have a client who has contracted email, web hosting or other services with JUCRA Digital and will have their own third party contractor involved and that contractor needs to contact us in regards to the services provided by us to their client.

For example, you may be:-

- a digital marketer/contractor
- a DNS holder/manager
- a web designer
- any other service where the client has a service with us and with you.

Our strict policy for third party contact or interaction with a third-party provider of one of our clients is that we DO NOT work with the third party without prior authorisation from the client.

For example, Joe Bloggs is a client with JUCRA and has some hosting with us but they have an SEO company doing their SEO. The SEO provider needs access to the hosting account. If the SEO contacts us directly, we will reply back saying that we need prior authorisation from the client so we would then contact the client and ask them if we can give the SEO access. Only after receiving written authorisation from the client will we work with the SEO.

We will never:-

- disclose any information about our clients
- disclose any usernames, password or any sensitive data about our client's services
- give access to any unauthorised third party

end of the policy.

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