BCC Archiving Service for Rackspace Mail


You are reading this article because you have asked us to set up an email account but you want to receive a copy of any incoming and outgoing emails from that new account.

This is a special, custom service we offer. BCC Archiving, especially for outgoing emails, is usually not possible on 99% of mail hosts. 

Why BCC Archiving?

If you are running a company and need to see all incoming and outgoing emails sent by your staff, for legal or backup purposes, then BCC Archiving is the perfect tool for that. You will receive any and all copies of incoming and outgoing emails sent from any of your email accounts.

The beauty of BCC Archiving is that it works in the background and archives the emails automatically when an email is sent or received and you do not have to configure the accounts with any special settings. All incoming and outgoing emails are filtered through the archiving accounts.

Costs for BCC Archiving
The normal price of Rackspace mails is €2.50 per month per mailbox. If you add the BCC Archiving option, the price will be €5.00 per account per month. The BCC Archiving option price applies to ALL mail accounts.

For Example, if you have 10 mail accounts, your monthly price would be €25 per month (10 x €2.50) for all the accounts. With the BCC Archiving option, the price will be €60 per month (12* x €2.50) even if only one of the accounts is included in the BCC archiving.

*With BCC Archiving we need to create two special accounts for storing the incoming and outgoing mails, hence the need for the two additional accounts.

So if you have 10 accounts now, you will need 12 accounts with BCC Archiving. If you have 3 accounts now, then you will need 5 accounts with BCC Archiving. 

Main Components of BCC Archiving:

1. We will create an outgoing archive account called: archive.outgoing@domain.com
2. We will create an incoming archive account called: archive.incomimg@domain.com
3. We will then configure the account(s) you want to include in the BCC archiving
4. Optionally, you can access the archive accounts separately or have a copy forwarded to another account in your domain.

In the examples below, we are archiving the sales@ account for incoming and outgoing mails but you can include/exclude multiple accounts across your domain for archiving.

The diagram below explains how outgoing and incoming BCC Archiving works.

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