What is Google Webmaster Tools and why you need to use it

You are reading this article because you want to know what Google Webmaster Tools is and why its important to your website marketing.

Out of the many SEO tools, Google Webmaster Tools is one of the most useful. Its free, does not require any monthly subscription and provides VITAL SEO insights related to the google activity for your site such as:

  • Search queries used to find your site
  • Verifies that Google can access your content
  • Show web sites that link back to your site
  • Identify crawl errors which could cause indexing issues
  • Keywords used to find your site
  • You can tell Google which country your main customers are in and Google
  • Ability to add sitemaps so google knows which pages to index
  • Allows you to discover and eliminate malware or spam problems with your site
  • Robots.txt so you can specifically tell Google not to index certain pages
  • You can evaluate how well your mobile site is performing for people searching on tablets and phones

In fact if you combine Google Webmaster Tools with Google Analytics the results will be even more refined and provide even more feedback.

If you are serious about how prominent your web site appears on the search engines in particular Google, then any decent SEO Manager will make sure that your site is registered and verified with Google Webmaster Tools first before anything else.

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