Email Support Policy

This page outlines our policy in regard to email support. By signing up for our email services, you agree with our policy.

Email Client = Microsoft Outlook®, MacMail, Thunderbird or any other software used to connect to your email including mobile devices such as tablets, portable computers, printers and any device that can be configured to send/receive email.

What JUCRA supports

The following areas are covered under the JUCRA email support policy.

  • Connectivity to the email service — providing welcome email with connection details to set up your email or to give to a qualified IT professional to configure your email client.
  • Email configuration portal - located at  to allow you or your IT representative to configure your email for their devices.
  • Creation or Deletion of additional mailboxes.
  • Updating of password for email accounts.
  • Checking to make sure your email domain is properly authenticated with SPF, DMARC and DKIM Signing.
  • General advice on how to use the webmail system.

NOTE: On a "best-effort" basis, we do provide a remote support service which is a courtesy to our clients if they have difficulties with their email configuration, however, we will only cover issues related to our servers, so if we find there is a software issue related to the computer or email client, we will refer you to an external IT company.

The remote service is provided here: 

What JUCRA DOES NOT support (specifically)

The following areas are specifically not offered and we will refer you to an external IT company if you do not have one.

  • Configuration of any firewall software and/or hardware that could affect connectivity to JUCRA's email servers.
  • Installation of Email Client software or support of Email Client software or integration into third-party systems such as CRM's.
  • Configuration of client antivirus software (Avast, Eset, Norton Antivirus, etc.) that could affect connectivity to JUCRA's servers.
  • Issues related to client’s connection to the Internet (i.e. T1, Cable Modem, DSL Modem, Dial-Up accounts, etc.).
  • Issues related to other email accounts or personal folders not hosted with JUCRA configured within the client's Email Client software.
  • Issues related to the general use of the Email Client software (i.e. training, etc.).

JUCRA is a service provider, not an IT company

Role of an IT Company Role of a Service Provider (JUCRA)
An IT company will specialise in user hardware such as laptops, desktop computers and mobile phones, printers and such. They will solve connection issues, paper jams, setting up of devices. They will usually do on-site visits and solve IT issues in person. We provide servers that your devices connect to remotely over the internet. We provide the credentials that your local devices connect to and secure connectivity and online backups. We don't do on-site visits and don't provide specialised on site support that IT company offers.


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