Change Email Sending/Receive to every 5 minutes in Outlook and Mac Mail

You are reading this article because people are sending you emails, and they seem to take a long time to be received to your inbox. Likewise, you may also experience delays in emails being sent out from your outbox.

This issue is generally email client related which means it's a setting within your email software that is causing the delay. We are not an IT company so not responsible for configuring or supporting your email client however below we will show you the settings in Outlook and Mac Mail on how to make your email client send and receive more frequently.

Change your send and receive settings in Outlook.

1. Select Send/Receive > Send/Receive Groups > Define Send/Receive Groups.

2. Select the group you want to change.

3. If you only want to send and receive mail when you press F9, clear the first Schedule an automatic send/receive every n minutes option.

If you frequently work offline, and you check the second Schedule an automatic send/receive every n minutes option, Outlook tries to connect and send and receive your messages at the interval you specify.

Change your send and receive settings in Mac Mail.

1. Mail > Preference > General

2. Adjust the "Check Messages" drop-down to "Every Minute".

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