Approved Partners for Personal or Business Computing (TANUKI DATA)

You are reading this page because you have asked us a question about something not covered in our services.

JUCRA Digital provides server-side, online, infrastructure such as web servers, mail servers, DNS services, domain registration. We are not an IT company specialising in personal or business computing.

For example, we DONT support these kinds of things:

"Can you please show me how to add an email signature to my email client?"

"How do I configure my IPTV to connect to my router?"

"How do I hook up the print settings on my computer?".

"How do I manage my calendars in Outlook?"

"I can't connect to the internet. Please check it."

"Can you help me with my Gmail/Hotmail/Icloud" email accounts?"

"I think I have a virus on my computer and its sending out phishing emails"

For anything related to personal computing, business computing, apple mac, windows or general networking, we refer you to TANUKI DATA.

mac marbella

Located in Marbella
Ask for Maya or Joey
Tel: 646 353 935 or 679 975 950

We have been working with Joey and Maya for over 20 years and are fully confident that they will provide the best service possible.

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