Transfer Out Policy For Web Services

You are reading this page to understand our outgoing services transfer policy if you are moving/migrating your digital services away from us and over to another external third-party provider.

This policy applies when you have a hosting or email account(s) with us that you wish to move to another provider other than JUCRA Digital. 

Whilst our services offer support, it does not cover support for assisting in the moving of services away from us or liaising with third party providers.

Therefore you have three options.

OPTION 1  - Don't Move Your Services

Our web hosting is some of the best you will find*, with superb expert-level support, twice-daily backups, 18 monthly retention policy, 100% uptime, LiteSpeed webserver and LiteSpeed cache for WordPress, free server-side security in the form of Imunify360, Cloud Linux environment, choice of UK, Germany and US data centres, our email services provide up to 100GB of space per user with 100% uptime guaranteed. So why you would want to move anywhere else?

* We do not use cheap reseller accounts and only use high performance dedicated bare-metal servers managed by us.
OPTION 2  - Pay For Expert Support - *€250  + IVA one-off fee per** hosting account

We will cooperate with you or your third-party provider directly via support ticket/WhatsApp providing necessary details such as Cpanel logins, FTP, website files, database files, full Cpanel backup files, DNS, whatever they need to make their migration smoother and answer any questions they may have about the outgoing migration.

If you want to do this, raise a support ticket to, we will raise the invoice and once paid we can get started.

*This will cover up to two hours of our time in the form of technical support related to the migration.
** Discounts may apply if you are moving more than 1 account
OPTION 3  - Do It Yourself

We will provide you with WHMCS account logins where you can find your Cpanel login and domain transfer options. Then you or your new provider do it all yourself.

Policy Last Updated: 16th of April 2014

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