How to refresh your browser

You are reading this page because you are looking at a web page which has been changed but its still showing old images/data/text.

When your web designer has changed something on your web site, lets say an image, you might still see the old image on the screen.

If this is happening, this means your browser has "cached" the data displayed on the page and will still appear until you make a "hard refresh" of your browser.

There are two types of browser refresh
1. Soft refresh (commonly known as "refresh")
2. Hard refresh (commonly known as "cache refresh").

How to make a Soft Refresh
Press the following keys on your keyboard at the same time.
- Windows: F5 on the keyboard
- Mac/Apple: Right click the page and select "Reload"

How to make a Hard Refresh 
Press the following keys on your keyboard at the same time.
- Windows: CTRL + F5
- Mac/Apple: Apple + R

In the case that even after hard refresh the image is still being displayed, then there are two remaining possibilities.
a. the data on the page has in fact NOT been changed and you need to check with the web site owner.
b. your ISP is doing what is called "ISP caching" which means they are holding a copy of your pages on their servers and are serving you an old copy of the page. ISP's do this to save on bandwidth costs. You need to contact your ISP.

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