Using Our Servers as an SMTP Relay

You are reading this article because you have tried to use remote SMTP account credentials such as Gmail to relay your website email out from our servers.

Any form based/web-based emails via a form or script on your website are restricted to local MTA and root users. 

This prevents users from bypassing the local mail server and sending mail remotely using our IPs as the source, which is a common method used by spammers. Using our servers with remote SMTP can result in our server IPs being blacklisted and this is costly to resolve, therefore this is in place for our client's protection and cannot be overridden.


If your /home username is johndoe (root user), then when you send it out via our servers using mail() or phpmailer, it will go out as: (where hostname is the server you are on).

You are able to define the FROM and REPLY-TO to whatever you desire, but in the headers, it will show as being from the root user of the account.

You need to make sure that your SPF and DMARC are aligned with our servers and your DNS or you may encounter deliverability issues.

Please contact if you need advice or assistance with that.

NOTE: we do have restrictions in place to catch spamming from the local SMTP servers.


Most CRM software allows the use of plugins and modules for use with transactional mail companies such as Mailgun or Sendgrid via API's. There are others, some free, some are paid, but this allows you full control over what is being sent out via your websites. These services require an extra setup step, but usually, work flawlessly once set up. 

Using an external service actually provides much more analytical feedback as you can see what was delivered, read and clicked and provides far more information than local SMTP, so in the case of "I did not get the email", you can log in to the provider's interface and view the whole traversal path and actions of the emails.

JUCRA uses Mailgun for over 10 years in its CRM and websites without issues and it has provided a valuable service.

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