Why do you not offer unlimited hosting? Many companies do!

You are reading this article to understand why we don't offer unlimited hosting space when many other companies do offer unlimited space.

Bottom Line: Free unlimited web hosting is a myth. While some hosts do offer plans with unlimited storage and bandwidth, these plans are usually too good to be true. In most cases, the “unlimited” resources are actually limited in some way, whether it's by data usage, traffic limits or support.


  • Never run out of disk space
  • Never run out of bandwidth
  • Cheaper prices


  • Reliability. Unlimited hosts will cram as many sites on their servers as possible. This results in higher resource usage as it's not controlled resulting in failing hardware and speed issues which results in downtime of your website.
  • No Security. Security software is not free and these types of hosting will have the bare minimum security on their servers putting the responsibility of the security for the website in your hands.
  • Hidden Limits. You will find if you read the small print that the hosting is unlimited space, but will be limited with inode usage. An inode is a file, so usually unlimited hosting will have a clause where they restrict you to X amount of files (inodes) on your account.
  • No Backups. Most unlimited hosts will not do backups of your site and will charge you extra and if you have a large site, this can quickly become expensive or they will rely on you to make the backups.
  • Lack of Support. Offering unlimited space requires a lot of hardware which is not cheap. Therefore the business model is focused on getting as many customers as possible. This means the support budget is very thin leaving you with poor support when you need it. 


  • Good Uptime. Our servers, due to using the best hardware and server configurations, offer months of 100% uptime, sometimes years. Please review our uptime here.
  • Three layers of Security. We have a  GREAT server stack. We run Cloudlinux with Jailed instances, Litespeed OS, and imunify360 for server firewall protection. We do the security so you don't have to!
  • A lot of Backups. We cap our storage space as we will do two backups of your site DAILY and we will retain copies of your site going back 12 months. Please review our backup policy. So if you have a 2.5GB website, we can hold, free of charge in the background, up to 300-500GB of backups at anytime time.
  • Managed Bandwith. Our bandwidth limits are UNMETERED which is kind of unlimited but simply means we will cap your bandwidth to a certain amount and keep increasing it as more time is used. Usually, we allow up to 150GB of bandwidth per month, anything over that we will ask that you move to a dedicated server.
  • Expert Support. When you get support from us, you are getting it from veteran server admins and developers, not a 1st Tier person with next to no experience and will waste your time. 

You can review our Managed Cpanel Hosting anytime here.

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