Phishing Emails

You are reading this article because you have received an email and its obviously a phishing email from a criminals trying to get your login details.

First of all, what is a PHISHING email?

Phishing is one of the easiest forms of cyber attack for a criminal to carry out. Criminals will craft an email which looks like it comes from your bank, email provider or social media network and they will ask you things like "URGENT - YOUR ACCOUNT WILL BE SUSPENDED" and will provide a link to a page which they have built which will look very similar to your normal login page, with the exception that the login details are sent to the crooks who then login to your email, bank account etc and get all your information.

For example, below is an example of a phishing email trying to get our clients to give out their email login details.

That's all great but how do I stop it coming into my inbox? Don't you have spam filters for this kind of thing?

We do provide GREAT spam filtering and if you check your spam folder we do manage to catch ALOT of spams, but occasionally some of them slip through, not many but they do. Sorry!

One way you can help is to do the following when you receive something that is spam:

1. Login to the online webmail system (go to and click on the webmail login link in the top of the page)
2. Find the spam email in your inbox and check the checkbox to select the email
3. From the top menu is a drop down called "More"
4. Choose "Report Spam"

This will then push the email to our spam team and block the sender and the server ip as well as adding the spam to our spam library.

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