Migrating from Rackspace Mail to Google Workspace Mail

You are reading this article because you have 1 or more email accounts hosted with us using the Rackspace Mail system, but you wish to migrate over to the Google Workspace system so that you use your emails through Google.

JUCRA Digital charges €150 per account to move mail accounts and their contents from Rackspace Mail over to Google Workspace Mail.

In order for JUCRA DIGITAL to migrate your accounts from Rackspace Mail over to Google Workspace there are several criteria needed.

1. You need to have a Workspace account already set up with Google. You will need to have at least 1 super admin account set up there. The Google admin login page is located at https://admin.google.com so if you can access that, then you are halfway there.

2. Once you have your admin account set up on Google Workspace, you need to create a SUPER ADMIN account for jucra@yourdomain.com. Then send us the login details for that account so we can log in.

SUPER IMPORTANT: the account MUST BE a SUPER ADMIN ACCOUNT in order for us to access all the migration features. After we have completed the migration, you can remove us.

3. You need to have control of your DNS. If you are already hosted with us, then likely we will have granular DNS zone file access. If we do not have DNS access, then migration or going live may take longer.

4. During migration, all passwords on both accounts will be reset, so, during migration, you will lose access to your mail accounts for a short period, depending on how much email you have.

If you need us to do a migration from Rackspace over to Google Workspace, then contact us on our contact page.

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