Why do I need a DNS server account if I dont have a website?

You are reading this article because you have a domain with us and only have an email account and no website.

This article applies to you if:-

1. You have a domain with us or you host your domain name elsewhere
2. You have one or more email accounts with us
3. You DO NOT have any website.

The diagram below shows the services and flow of data required to maintain a domain name and an email account.

When someone sends you an email, they will enter your email address for example: you@yourdomain.com and when they click send, the email gets sent to your email provider. The email provider then does a DNS lookup to see where the email server is located. Once they have the details, they tell your computer where to send the email.

If you had a website with us, it works similarly. When a user types your website address into their web browser for example, www.yourdomain.com, your internet service provider queries the DNS server to know to which location on the internet to send the visitor and then sends you onto the website.

So as you can see, the DNS Service is an integral and essential part of your website and email experience.

If you have a website with us, we provide the DNS service for free included in the hosting fee.

If you DO NOT have a website with us or any website at all, for example, you only use our email, then we have to provide space on our DNS server for you, at a small annual cost.

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