90 Day Warranty

When we design a website for you or perform some kind of works on your web site or software, once the site or works are live, we offer a 90 day warranty as part of the package. The warranty is in place to ensure that during a reasonable period after the works have been delivered, you have ample time to review any issues that may arise. It also ensures business continuity during the period in case any problems will arise.

We will always attempt to resolve any issues with your site or online software within a reasonable time frame however it should be understood that we are not a web design school and not here to teach web design or how to do code, our role is to provide support during the warranty period and to make sure you can handle the functions of your web site/software within reasonable limitations.

What the warranty DOES cover:

- email or live online chat support during weekday business hours (tel in exceptional circumstances).
- we will answer any questions you have about functionality or a feature on your web site.
- we will offer assistance (within reason) on how to use certain functions of your online software.
- if there is a mistake or error generated by our coding we will fix it without charge.
- in the case of intrusion to your ftp or database or malicious code injection caused by any works we have performed, we will restore everything to a previous state from the last good backup.
- minor text changes or corrections. If you need a minor text change or replace a graphic, we will do it for you or show you how to do it. 

What the warranty DOES NOT cover:

- on site support: we will only perform remote support during the warranty period via live chat or email (tel in exceptional circumstances). 
- new features: the warranty period is not for continual development or changes. Any new features created during the warranty period will be subject to quotation unless certain features are by mutual agreement beforehand.
- graphics creation: the warranty period does not cover creation of new graphics. Any new graphics created during the warranty period will be subject to quotation.
- wordpress core upgrades: during the warranty period we will not cover any issues caused by upgrading wordpress core.
- wordpress plugin updates: during the warranty period we will not cover any issues caused by plugin upgrades.

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