Providing us with text content for your web site project

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You are reading this article because we have asked you to provide us with the content so we can start building your new website.

In order for the web design project to go ahead in an efficient and organised way, we will need the content in a format that we can easily understand and work with. The project takes longer if you provide us the content in a haphazard way. We need all the content in one go, not in bits and pieces as the content forms a great part of the web design project.

You will have already provided us with the site map detailing the pages that will be on the web site. 

Now you need to provide us with the texts that you would like us to use on the web site.

We will only accept content provided in MS WORD format. If you provide the content in any other format, then we will have to recalculate the project.

In the word document we need:

1. The page name (EG: HOME)
2. The text for that page
3. Any special requirements for the texts
4. Style of images you would like us to use.

AT THIS STAGE DO NOT PROVIDE IMAGES, we will populate the content with licensed stock images.

Below is a screenshot of a nice way to provide us with the text content.

  • content, text content
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