Spamcop Blacklisting Issues

You are reading this article because you have sent a message to someone and received a reply back saying that you are blacklisted and the reason given is spamcop.

Firstly, we are really sorry to hear about the issues with blacklisting by Spamcop, its an annoyance to you and of course to us too.

Secondly, for legal reasons we are not allowed to show you the name of our mail provider on this page or disclose any details about them as we were threatened with legal action on the 19th of January 2019 being accused of not complying with a clause in their user agreement, so hereinafter we will refer to them as "MAIL_PROVIDER".

Why was I blacklisted in the first place?
According to MAIL_PROVIDER's email product management team, there are many reasons why one of MAIL_PROVIDER's mail IP's will have been blacklisted, usually though the cause is one of MAIL_PROVIDER's clients sending out spam and spamcop picking it up and adding the MAIL_PROVIDER's IP to their blacklist. According to MAIL_PROVIDER they do their best to prevent their clients sending out spam and the majority of the time do this with great success but on occasion apparently they do slip through and the result of that is you (our client) get fined in the form being blacklisted and restrictions being put on you sending emails to those mail servers that use spamcop as a spam filter.

A little bit about Spamcop
Unfortunately with spamcop (a free blacklist), unlike some of the better paid commercial spam filters, spamcop do not have a delisting service and provides no support,  it's a like it or lump it situation, however, listings do get delisted automatically after a certain amount of hours (usually 24 hours). This obviously is not ideal for commercial organisations like yours that get innocently blacklisted but if some postmasters choose to use a free service like spamcop in favour of a paid commercial product as their preferred method of filtering legitimate email, there is only so much we (JUCRA) can do. 

That's all great but why does JUCRA not just change to a new mail provider?
This is easier said than done. We have over 1,000 mail accounts with MAIL_PROVIDER and simply uprooting and going to another provider is not feasible as it will take considerable manpower and resources which attracts considerable costs so we would have to pass down that cost to you as the end client which we feel many would not find acceptable. Also, there is no guarantee that the next provider will be any better.

Okay, so what do I now? I need to be able to send my client business email!
There are only three options really.

Get in touch with the company you were sending the email to and request that they whitelist your email or domain on their mail server. This will then allow your email to be sent to the recipient bypassing their spamcop filter.

We encourage you to wait the amount of time specified in the spamcop spam listing report which can be anything from 1 to 24 hours and then try and resend again.

If the blocking issue is an impediment to your workflow, we can, free of charge, provide you with third party SMTP details which uses an external mail provider bypasses the restrictions of MAIL_PROVIDER. If you need to take this option, please raise a support ticket to and we will assist you.

Again, we can only apologise for this issue
and can only tell you that we have repeatedly raised the issue with MAIL_PROVIDER and they are working on a solution...apparently, since August 2017.

Let's hope MAIL_PROVIDER address the issue soon.

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