Spamcop Blacklisting Issues

You are reading this article because you have sent a message to someone and received a reply back saying that you are blacklisted and the reason given is spamcop.

You will have received a bounce-back message similar to the one below.

we are really sorry to hear about the issues with blacklisting by Spamcop, it's an annoyance to you and of course to us too when it happens.

Secondly, this SpamCop blacklist issue does not happen often and in fact usually only occurs with certain destination mail servers who are using SpamCop. 

Unfortunately with SpamCop, they do not have a delisting service and provides no support,  so when you are blacklisted, it's a like it or lump it situation, however, listings do get delisted automatically after a certain amount of hours (usually 24 hours). This obviously is not ideal for commercial organisations like yours that get innocently blacklisted but if some postmasters choose to use a free service like SpamCop in favour of a paid commercial product as their preferred method of filtering legitimate email, there is only so much we (JUCRA) can do. 

Okay, so what do I now? I need to be able to send my business email!

OPTION 1 - simple

Get in touch with the company you were sending the email to and request that they whitelist your email or domain on their mail server. This will then allow your email to be sent to the recipient bypassing their SpamCop filter. Most companies will allow this and it's simple to add a whitelisting. We ourselves allow it here.

OPTION 2 - advanced

We have created a free solution by setting up a separate SMTP server outside the Rackspace environment which allows messages to be delivered through our private IP. This does involve you updating your SMTP setting in your email devices.

You can view that solution here: 

Additional options
- Wait for the amount of time specified in the SpamCop spam listing report which can be anything from 1 to 24 hours and then try and resend again.

- Use a different email account to send your email for now and try to send it with your mail account at a later date.

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