When does Facebook charge you for ad spend?

You are reading this article to understand how and when Facebook charges your credit card for ad spend.

When your credit card details are added to the Facebook ad account, Facebook will automatically charge the account for the amounts spent on the campaigns at certain intervals.

If you are a new customer of facebook ads, then they will set a low billing threshold (like a credit limit) for your account and as you spend more, the billing threshold increases.

For example, a new account might have a billing threshold of €20 so as soon as you spend €20 on ads, your card will be charged. Then your billing threshold will be increased to €25. Again, when you reach your billing threshold your card will be charged the €25 spent. The billing threshold usually increases every time they successfully charge you so when you are first starting advertising expect a few small charges on your card each time.

At JUCRA we will monitor and manage the billing thresholds for you so after a few charges we will keep increasing the allowed billing threshold to the next available billing threshold that facebook has allowed. Usually the threshold can go up to a maximum of €1,000. We do this to avoid you getting lots of small charges over the course of time.

If you do not spend €500 in a month, Facebook will charge you either at the beginning or end of the month for the amount spent.

So if you spend €350 at the beginning of the month, then you wont get a bill until the middle or last day of the month. 

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