How do we send you the leads generated by Facebook lead forms?

You are reading this article to understand how we send you the leads that are generated by Facebook lead forms.

By default, Facebook DOES NOT have any automated way to send you the leads generated by their lead forms and they expect you to login and download the leads from your facebook page. For the busy business owner this is time consuming and cumbersome.

When you use JUCRA Digital however, our system will connect to facebook and download the lead and send the lead to your email address. You also have the added benefit of logging into the client portal and viewing and downloading your leads.

Benefits of using our system:

  1. Saves you time. No need to login and download leads.
  2. You can jump on the lead right away. The leads are sent to you as soon as the lead is generated.
  3. Backup of your leads. As we are storing the leads in your client portal, you can review and retrieve them at any time.

Below is a example of the process we use.

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