The Facebook leads appear to be low quality. What can we do?

You are reading this article because you feel that the quality of the leads coming in are not as high as you expected.

At JUCRA Digital, when we create campaigns for you, we focus on creating campaigns which are relevant to your audience and relevant to the product you are trying to sell.

There is no point in creating an ad, offering a free ipad if you are trying to get people to buy a property. This will result in a lot of leads but they will be low quality as they will have zero interest in buying your product. Mind you, this type of campaign can work if you are simply looking to build up social proof for your page.

When we generate leads for you, we generate what we classify as: WARM LEADS. This means the person signing up has expressed an interest in the product you are offering. We would NEVER run a poorly created ad for something not relevant to your audience in order to bring in large quantities of "leads".

However, we will focus always focus on COST + QUANTITY in order to bring you an influx of leads which you should work through. 

In the diagram below, COST + QUANTITY means you will get more leads but will have to spend more time working the leads. This is not to say that the leads are low quality, after all they are WARM LEADS.

In the case you feel the COST + QUALITY is not working for you and you want to spend less time working through the leads, then we would switch to COST + QUALITY, however of course that increases the cost for your campaigns.

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