Resales Online Settings Page

This page show you the settings page within the JUCRA Resales Online plugin.

To connect to the resales online system you will need to populate the settings page by grabbing various bits of data from Resales Online and populating the fields in the settings screen of the plugin.


  1. Login to Resales Online.
  2. Go to tools (the wheel in the top right hand side of the control panel).
  3. Click on the Feeds tab.
  4. If you have not created an api key yet, create one and email the details to yourself.
  5. Otherwise send yourself the api settings by clicking on the email icon.
  6. Now you need to get the "Filter ID" for your search settings.
  7. In Resales online, on the left hand menu go to Properties > API >API Filters.
  8. If you have not created a filter, create one. 
  9. Once created grab the Filter ID from the middle column (see image below).
  10. Check to see if your email from resales online has arrive containing the API details from step 5.
  11. If email received login to Wordpress.
  12. Go to Resales Online Plugin by JUCRA Digital SL > Resales Online Settings.
  13. Populate each field as shown in the diagram below.

ITEM 1: This is the settings screen inside the plugin
ITEM 2: This is the email from resales online
ITEM 3: This is API Filters screen inside Resales Online

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