How to grant JUCRA Digital admin access to your Facebook page

In order for us to run ads or manage your facebook page, we will request agency access to you from our agency system called the Facebook Business Manager.


1. We will send the admin of the page a request to add JUCRA Digital to your page.

2. The admin of the page has to approve us to work on your page as an agency.

3. IF YOU DO NOT see the request from us in your Page Roles settings in step 3, contact


Just follow the steps below, it's literally just a few clicks. Again, if you DO NOT see our request in your account, contact right away.


Go to your facebook page (you need to be an admin of the page) and click the settings button in the top right hand corner of the page.


Once you are in the settings, select the Page Roles option.


Look for the Pending Partner Requests. Make sure that our company is listed there, JUCRA Digital SL. Click on respond to request.


Click the button which says to Give JUCRA Digital SL access to your page.


Click the Approve Request button


Facebook will ask you for your facebook password in order to proceed with the request.


You will now see JUCRA Digital listed under the Agencies section.

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