How to grant JUCRA Digital access to your Facebook Business Manager

If you already have a Facebook Business Manager account and wish to grant JUCRA digital access to the account, then please follow the steps below.

This tutorial assumes that you:

1. Already have an existing Facebook Business Manager account.

2. You already have at least one Ad Account setup within the Facebook Business Manager

If you DO NOT have a Business Manager account you can create one here: 



Go to and choose the login option.


In the top right hand side will be a blue button which says Business settings. Click that to access the Business settings.

NOTE: if you DO NOT see that button, then you are probably looking at the Business Manager as a personal profile. In the top menu between the search box and alarm bell icon will display the current loaded profile and if you are using your personal profile or business profile. To switch profiles just click the down arrow.


Click on the Users > Partners option in the left hand menu.


Click the + Add button to add us as a partner


Now, this is the important bit. You need to add our agency partner id.

Our Partner ID is: 1595447150720826


On this next screen you will need to grant access to JUCRA Digital the Ad Account assets choose Pages > Ad Accounts from the left menu as below.


Now you need to tick the box for the ad account you want us to manage and assign us Ad account admin access.


Now you will see that we have been assigned admin access to the ad account we will be managing.

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