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This page is a frequently asked questions about our ManyChat integrations and features.

ManyChat is a third party chat bot system which integrates directly with facebook messenger and allows people to "chat" to your "bot". It can be used as a subscriber service where facebook users interact with your page through messenger and once subscribed allows you to send subscribers direct messages through facebook messenger. Think of messenger as email on steroids.

JUCRA usually refers to this method as a "chat assistant" or "chatbot".

Benefits of Facebook Messenger Chat Assistants

  1. Better Open Rates. Users can interact with the chatbot and they can be guided automatically through a sales funnel or set of qualification questions. 
  2. Better Engagement. Bots can offer visual content like videos and images to keep customers interested.
  3. Personalised experience. Creating a pleasant chat bot experience enhances the experience by the consumers resulting in increased interactivity with your brand.
  4. Gather and analyse customer data. Bot analytics provide your brand with an opportunity to go even deeper into data analysis. Chatbots interact with customers in real time so you can make tactical decisions based on the analytics derived by the bots.
  5. Lead nurturing. Chatbots help the process of automation in terms of qualifying leads and can predict the customers buying journey.
  6. 24/7 customer support. Chatbots are online 24/7/365 working for you so even if you dont have staff working online 24/7, your bot assistant will always be there ready and willing to talk to your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What type of facebook pages can be connected to ManyChat?
    Only business pages can be connected to many chat.
  2. What are the benefits of using facebook messenger as a marketing channel over email?
    Messenger has a much higher open rate and click through rate (CTR) than email.
  3. Should the manychat bot pretend to be a real person?
    No. You should be clear to the end user as a bot cannot interact 100% as a human would. Add some wording at the beginning of the flow like: "Welcome to our chat assistant" or " I am your personal chat assistant".
  4. Can I use ManyChat on my web site?
    Yes as long as the user has facebook messenger. With ManyChat growth tools you can install buttons pop ups and landing pages so that when users visit your web site they will see a call to action to open up a chat with you through facebook messenger.
  5. Once someone is subscribed to the flow, can I send them promotional messages whenever I want?
    No. Facebook has strict rules for this to prevent spamming once the user is subscribed to your flow. The rule is called the "24 +1" rule which dictates the following: If you have sent the user a promotion on monday 12pm, the earliest you can send another promotional message is Tuesday 12pm and then you can only send 1 additional promotion message. If you wanted to send another promotional message you need permission from the user. However, you can send non promotional messages such as a question like "Would you like to see another offer? about X", the user can choose yes or no, choosing yes you can give them another offer. Unlike email, you cannot send promotional messages whenever you want.
  6. Does ManyChat integrate with CRM's?
    Yes. Through an api system called "Zapier", ManyChat can be connected and send client chat data through to your Preferred CRM system. For example: You have a bot which gathers the requirements of a customer looking to buy a property. ManyChat allows you to store responses from the customer and send that data to a third party CRm like Zoho or Pipedrive after which it's added as a lead and your sales team can act upon that data and work towards a sale.
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