Logo design project procedure/steps

You are reading this page to understand how we handle logo design projects.

The process is relatively simply, the project gets started as soon as the client sends us the brief.

Our logo design process takes around 7-10 days from start to finish and client can expect to receive around 20 logo concepts.

NOTE: If the brief is explained well in step 1 then the client will get better concepts.

STEP 1 - Request logo design brief from client
We send the client an email asking them some questions about their business and preferences for the logo. These questions form the brief.

STEP 2 - Setup/Start logo project
We set up the crowdsourced logo project and submit the brief to our designers.

STEP 3 - Send inital round of concepts to client
On day 5 from start of project we send the client a list of the concepts our designers have produced. Client can either choose one from the initial round or wait the full 7 days to receive final concepts.

STEP 4 - Send final round of concepts to client
On day 7, we close the project and send the client the remaining concepts and ask them to choose one concept within 24 hours.

STEP 5 - Handover of files from designer
We will inform the designer that their concept has been chosen and arrange to receive the logo files from them.

STEP 6 - Final changes to logo
If the client has any final changes to the logo, we will make the changes, if not straight to step 7.

STEP 7 - Deliver logo files to client
We will send a high res print version of the logo to the client.

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