Mailbox has exceeded quota (Mailbox Full)

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You are reading this article becasue you have exceeded your mailbox allowance of 25GB and can no longer receive emails.

We offer a very generous mailbox limit of 25GB per mailbox which for most scenarios is more than enough, however if you have been using email for several years and are in the habit of storing large emails, then over time this can use up your mailbox qouta, the result being that people sending you emails will be "hard bounced".

One option is to simply start removing emails, especially large ones. The other option is to delete old emails and keep recent ones. 

However, in the above cases, you will lose emails and possibly this is not an option for you.

Our solution to this dilemma, without losing any emails is to:

(For the purposes of this article, lets assume the mailbox that is full is called:

1. We rename the full mailbox, to (note the addition of .archive to the name)
2. We create a new mailbox account called
3. We send you new login details for both accounts. 

The result here will be that your will be empty and that you can access all the old email on the and receieve emails again on your original account.

NOTE: In some email software like Outlook, Macmail etc, when you have two imap accounts setup on the same computer, you are able to (carefully) drag and drop emails between the two accounts which can be useful if you want certain emails to appear in the main account and not the archive account. Warning however, depending on the file sizes and amount of emails you are dragging and dropping, unless you have a very fast internet connection, its not recommended as it can be relatively slow to move emails between the two accounts..

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