My site won't run on php 7+

You are reading this article because you have a website on our servers and when you switch to php 7+, you are seeing error or the site does not function correctly.

Firstly, PHP is the programming language on which dynamic sites like wordpress use to deliver the web content.

The php foundation releases newer versions over time and when they release a new version it might deprecate some older functions.

For example, when the leap was made from php 5.6 to php 7, a major change was that php function called: mysql_query which manages the access to the database was removed.

This means that if your site is using mysql_query anywhere in the php code, if you upgrade your site to php 7+, then your site will break and you will need to start replacing any older code OR stick with version 5.6.

At JUCRA Digital, our servers run multiple versions of php so if your site is not forward compatible with newer versions of php, then we can put you on a previous version. 

We do highly encourage, for security and performance reasons, that you make sure your code is up to date with latest versions of php.

Below are the versions of php that our servers support.

(for full php history visit

Version Release date Supported until
5.1 2 November 2006 24 August 2006
5.2 2 November 2006 6 January 2011
5.3 30 June 2009 14 August 201
5.4 1 March 2012 3 September 2015
5.5 20 June 2013 10 July 2016
5.6 28 August 2014 31 December 2018
7.0 3 December 2015 3 December 2018
7.1 1 December 2016 1 December 2019
7.2 30 November 2017 30 November 2020
7.3 6 December 2018 6 December 2021

Table Last updated: 20/3/2019

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