How to test your email to see if its spammy using

You are reading this article because you are experiencing delivery issues with your emails such as: emails going to spam, not being delivered, bouncing.

There are a plethora of reasons why your emails will go to spam such as SPF configuration, DKIM or DMARC settings or even the content of the email itself and there are many layers to the process of elimination to determine why emails will have a delivery issue.

However, the very first step is to run a test through

When you send the test email in step 3 below, send a normal email you would normally send to a customer, including your signature etc. If you just send a blank email with the word test, then the test will not show the true results of your everyday email.

The test process is very simple.

1. Open
2. Copy the email address they give you.
3. Open the mail client and send your email to that address.
4. Go back to and click the display results button.
5. View the results of the test.
6. If the test results are lower than 8 and we host your email, please send the results link to and we will check for you.

NOTE: the test results page includes a link that you can copy and send to someone technical. This is useful if you need to get a second opinion or to resolve a technical issue.

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