Does JUCRA Digital offer Office 365 Subscriptions?

You are reading this article to find out if we offer Office 365 subscriptions.

In short, we can, but we choose not to and we will explain why.

Office 365 is a very popular suite of products and provides various collaboration tools for the small business including outlook email with MS exchange which offers some powerful (if not complicated) calendar features and depending on your subscription level, access to various MS software such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc. All-round it's not a bad product.

However, Microsoft has priced the Office 365 product so that it is very attractive for IT firms who can bundle Office 365 with their maintenance contracts.

For example, if you buy a business version of Office 365 direct from the Microsoft website, the cost per user per month is as follows: Business Essentials €4.20 (which is the most basic), Business €8.80 (middle of the road) and Business Premium €10.50 (which is the full package). Note, these prices do not include taxes at 21% and are charged annually.

So for a small business with 5 users, on the basic package you will be paying appx €250 per year + tax, then usually if you have an IT company you will pay them a monthly fee to support you, which can be anything from €150 a month +, so annually the cost will be €2,000 +.

Essentially, the IT firms do not make money on the Office 365 subscriptions, they will make their money on the support required to maintain and support the users.

We, JUCRA Digital, are not an IT support firm or a software support firm that provides ongoing support for Office products

Our Rackspace Mail product is a solid and reliable POP/IMAP service and is for sending and receiving emails with up to 25GB storage. Our prices are notably cheaper, albeit with fewer features but comes in at €2.08 per user per month (without VAT) which is half the price of an Office subscription.

So unless you use shared calendars specifically and either don't use Office software or rather already have a separate subscription for Office software, then you do not need to pay extra.

Considerations JUCRA/Rackspace Mail Office 365
Is 25Gb of storage per user enough for your needs?
Do you need more than 25gb storage per user?
Do you use shared calendars?
Do you only want to send and receive emails?
Do you want to spend as little as €2 per month per email account?
Do you want to pay €4+ per month per email account?
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