How to Provide Access to Existing Google Ads Account

How to provide the JUCRA team with access to an existing Google Ads account so we can start working.

  1. Log in to the Google account associated with the Google Business Listing and visit 
  2. Press “SIGN IN” at the top right
  3. Select the account to access (if there are multiple accounts and if necessary)
  4. Find your customer ID in the dropdown menu on the top left of your account. The customer ID should be 10 numbers (xxx-xxx-xxxx)
  5. Provide your customer ID to
  6. Now, JUCRA will use this customer ID to request access. Wait to receive word from JUCRA on when to check for the pending request
  7. Users with access to the Google Ads account will receive account alerts and emails inviting them to link to the account. The request will come from the account “MCC Manager”
  8. Users with admin access to the invited account, or users that have access to a linked manager account that has admin ownership of that account, can accept the invitation sent by “MCC Manager” by clicking on “Tools” in the menu of the Google Ads account, then under “Setup”, selecting “Account access” 
  9. You should see the request to manage the account by “MCC Manager”. Confirm the request to manage. Everything else will be taken care of on our end
  10. Make sure that when accepting the request, you enable “Administrative owner” so there are no limitations on the account when it is being managed
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