Partnerships with JUCRA Digital SL

You are reading this policy because you are interested in entering a business partnership with us.

Without a doubt, the team at JUCRA Digital SL have a valuable skill set based on decades of experience in all aspects of the online digital landscape.

In addition to a vast array of skills there is access to physical resources such as server hardware, software, online resources and employees.

If you have a great idea and want to partner with us, as in we become partners in your business providing the IT and online marketing support, then we are happy to say we do welcome such opportunities,  however there are some minimum requirements before we will even entertain a discussion.


1. You must be able to provide a full or summarised business plan.

2. You will need a war chest. We would offer our partners 50% off our normal labour and hosting rates in return for 20% stake in the business. Whilst we would provide 50% discount off our labour and hosting rates, our partners would need to cover the budgets for seo and pay per click as these are external direct expenses.

3. We are in the business of online marketing and generating leads, however we are not in the business of closing any leads or taking any part in the sales process. Our partners would be responsible for that part of the business.

It's that simple. If you can meet these three simple criteria, then we can talk.

Frequently Asked Questions

We need to see that you are serious. If you have taken the time to map out the business with a viable business plan then that's a good start. Shows you have a serious side.

Even though we ask for 20% stake in the business, our services, time and expertise are not free. We bring a lot to the table in terms of a partnership but we do have physical costs to cover and we expect our partners to cover them in advance, so you will need a war chest to start off with.

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