Web Design

One time job (Standard)

  • Up to 60 minutes of support time

  • Same day response time*

  • Business hours only (9am – 5pm)**

  • *We usually respond quickly to any request but in case or workload you are guaranteed to have your issue seen same day.

    **If you place a standard order after 5pm, the order will be moved to the next working day.

    One time job (Emergency)

  • Up to 90 minutes of support time

  • Emergency response guaranteed*

  • Between 9am - 12am**

  • Weekends***

  • Bank holidays****

  • *We basically drop whatever we are doing to have a look at your issue.

    **If you place an emergency order after 12am it will get attended to the next day at 9am.

    ***On weekends we will respond in a reasonable amount of time but there might be a small delay, we are only human.

    ****Depending on the severity of the emergency and availability, like weekends we will respond within a reasonable amount of time

    Emergency Wordpress Hack Repair

    • Emergency response

    • Manual sterilisation techniques

    • Autopsy report

    • 7 Days after care