Why do websites need updating?

by | 24 Jun, 2021 | MIsc, Online Marketing

Why do websites need updating

You’ve invested time and money in creating the perfect website for your business – well done! Now it’s time to let it work for you and start generating leads and customers. No need to worry about it or touch it until you want something changing, right? Wrong! Updating websites on a regular basis is crucial.

Think of your website the way you think of your car, something which needs regular maintenance to be able to work the way it should. Without petrol, oil, water and regular servicing your car would stop running properly. In just the same way, without updating, monitoring and maintenance, your website could be at risk of hacking, features could stop running and your information won’t be backed up.

An example of just one thing you should do to keep your website secure and working well is to ensure your core version of WordPress, your theme and plugins are up-to-date every now and again. These updates are crucial to make sure that your website is safe from hackers and doesn’t get affected by any bugs. They will also allow you to access new features. The WordPress backend will notify you when updates are available, so look out for these notifications and make sure you don’t just ignore them. These website updates are things that you can do yourself if you’re confident to get involved in the backend of your website. However, sometimes updates create issues with your design or functionality, or conflict with other plugins. We’d recommend that you have someone with a high level of website maintenance knowledge on hand to fix anything which may occur before any of your visitors notice – and make sure you make a backup of the site before you touch anything!

This is just one of many things you should be keeping an eye on as part of your website maintenance. Other tasks include security and performance scanning, monitoring uptime, checking links are working and of course updating outdated information. Now we know that as a business owner you have a hundred things on your plate and are juggling a whole host of tasks and responsibilities and so website maintenance can fall to the bottom of the list and get neglected.

Website maintenance doesn’t seem like a big deal until the site gets hacked or stops working. Then it is a crisis which will suck up a lot of your time and energy and is expensive and difficult to fix, especially if you haven’t been backing up your site. This is why we recommend that you task someone with this important job and ensure that your website is being maintained and is constantly protected. It will give you great peace of mind and security, and protects this important business and marketing tool.

How JUCRA can help?

JUCRA has been updating websites for our clients and offering website maintenance for hundreds of websites over 20 years and we can take all the worry and technical jobs off your plate. We want your website to be delivering the maximum benefit for your business and offer you peace of mind that everything is working as it should. This is why we offer website support packages.

There are three options depending on whether you are comfortable updating your own site, and what level of webmaster assistance you need each month. These plans include hosting, health audit, GDPR privacy policy and premium plugins, as well as special optimisation and auditing services. All plans include core upgrades, plugin updates, security scanning, database optimisation, uptime monitoring, performance scans, keywords tracking, website restores and daily backups.

The two higher level packages also include free hack repair, fixing broken links and unlimited maintenance support. Plus, our Elite package also includes WooCommerce support, a monthly coaching call and 4 hours of webmaster time available each month.

We pride ourselves on offering a proactive, managed WordPress support service for your website. This means we identify problems before they cause you issues and impact your business, saving you time and giving you total peace of mind. We also send you weekly reports on what we’ve done for your site so that you always know what you’re paying for.

JUCRA offers our website maintenance clients lots of added value, including access to premium plugins such as DIVI, Gravity Forms and PDF, WPML and more, saving you money on their fees. Our added extras offer you over €3,000 a year in value, above and beyond all the daily and weekly tasks we perform for you. There’s no setup fee, you don’t need to have your website hosted with us and you can cancel anytime after the second month.

We believe that our website support packages are invaluable for any busy company owner who wants to forget about his website and make sure it’s working for him at all times. Trusting website experts rather than tasking one of your team with the job means that you have the right people on the job and that you can leave it to us, knowing that in the worst-case scenario you’ll be covered and our experts will be on it as quickly as possible, to make sure the issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.

You can read our frequently asked questions about our website care plans on our website or schedule a call so we can answer your questions.