Why these 27 keyboard shortcuts will save you hours each month

by | 25 Nov, 2021 | MIsc, Online Marketing

Why these 27 keyboard shortcuts will save you hours each month

How many times have you wasted minutes (or even hours!) trying to figure out how to do the most basic of tasks in Microsoft Word, Excel, in your email, or in your web browser?

Sometimes the simplest actions like formatting your font, adding a table to your document or spell checking can take up precious moments as you reach for your mouse and scroll through countless menus and options hunting for the right command to get the job done.

It can be so annoying.

There has to be a better way. Don’t worry, there most definitely is, and JUCRA has got you covered.

Keyboard shortcuts – the solution is in the name

Keyboard shortcuts are the ultimate trick to keeping the momentum going when sitting at your laptop or PC. You probably already know the most helpful shortcuts:

  • Select All – Ctrl+A or ⌘+A
  • Undo – Ctrl+Z or ⌘+Z
  • Cut – Ctrl+X or ⌘+X
  • Copy – Ctrl+C or ⌘+C
  • Paste – Ctrl+V or ⌘+V

But there are lots of other super-duper shortcuts to speed up your writing so you can focus on getting the job done.

Why use keyboard shortcuts?

Here are 5 reasons keyboard shortcuts are an essential tool in the toolbox of any writer, web designer, or digital marketer.

  1. Shortcuts save you money. Seriously.

Typing takes time and time is money. Fumbling around with your mouse takes even longer. Even if you know exactly where to find the command you want, you’re guaranteed to lose an extra few seconds simply in the time it takes to move your hand from keyboard to mouse to click and back to keyboard. Do that enough times a day and that’s minutes you’re wasting, which can add up to hours each week and days each year.

  1. You’ll keep the momentum going with quicker typing.

You’ve been there a thousand times before. You’re getting your groove on typing away happily only to have to stop and check menus and click on icons randomly, never quite able to find the elusive little button you need so you can just get on with what you were doing in the first place.

By keeping your hands on the keyboard you keep the flow going, the words hit the page without the need for interruption and you won’t lose precious moments clicking here and there.

  1. There’s no need for a mouse.

While many people work from laptops these days and navigate using a trackpad, some people prefer having an actual computer mouse to hold onto. It’s a personal preference of course, but computer mice aren’t exactly the epitome of convenience. When you have a mouse it requires extra desk space next to your computer, you need a smooth level surface, and maybe even a mouse pad. It’s trickier taking your laptop out with you, there are cables to consider, mice going missing. Mastering a few handy keyboard shortcuts slashes the need for a mouse and the use of a trackpad.

  1. No more hand and wrist strain.

The other downside to computer mice is the repetitive strain they can place on wrist and hand joints, often resulting in pain and discomfort, sometimes even permanently. Using essential keyboard shortcuts minimises the need for a mouse, whilst at the same time keeping your hands and fingers moving so cramp and injury don’t set in.

  1. Keyboard shortcuts cut down errors.

By keeping the flow going as you type, you’re less likely to make errors or lose your train of thought. This is especially important for writers and people who tend to type a lot of text and need to keep focused.

How do I save time with keyboard shortcuts?

Yes, it can initially take a little bit of time to familiarise yourself with the shortcuts you need to know, but it’s time well invested. And that’s time that will definitely pay you back in the long run.

The best thing to do is have a list of the most useful shortcuts handy as that way you’ll get to know them and will become quicker at using them each time. JUCRA has put together a neat little list of ‘Keyboard How Tos’:

Copy textCtrl+C⌘+C
Paste textCtrl+V⌘+V
Cut textCtrl+X⌘+X
UndoCtrl+Z⌘+Z or F1
RedoCtrl+Y⌘+ Shift +Z
Create new documentCtrl+N⌘+N
Open new documentCtrl+O⌘+O
Save new documentCtrl+S⌘+S
Close documentCtrl+W⌘+W
Print documentCtrl+P⌘+P
Run spell checkAlt F7⌘+Shift + :
Bold textCtrl+B⌘+B
Underline textCtrl+U⌘+U
Select all Ctrl+A⌘+A
Close down/tabCtrl+W⌘+W
Minimise/maximise applicationAlt+Space+N (minimise) / Alt+Space+X (maximise)⌘+M/⌘+L
Minimise/maximise all⊞+M⌘+Alt+M
View open applications⊞+Tab⌘+Tab
Toggle through all open applications/Go to last tab usedAlt+Tab⌘+Tab
New browser/documentCtrl+N⌘+N
Rename fileF2Alt+⌘+R

OR: Select the file and hit Enter

Quit Full ScreenEscEsc
Go to beginning or endHome/End⌘+←/→
Move one word backward/forwardCtrl+←/→Alt+B/F
Go to next text entry field on formsTabTab
Go to address barAlt+D⌘+L

There’s no doubt about it that knowing a few essential keyboard shortcuts will save you time on typing, leaving you with more time to concentrate on the important stuff like digital marketing and web design.

Visit JUCRA to find out how we can help you optimise your digital marketing business so you save time and money.