Wordpress Website Hacked?

Emergency Hack Repair. Emergency Response. One Off Payment.

If your WordPress website has been attacked and compromised, get emergency assistance to quickly recover your site, resolve issues and 7-day aftercare service.  We provide a MANUAL service, performed by REAL PEOPLE, not lower-level automated service as other companies in this sector offer.

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Has your WordPress website been hacked? 

If your WordPress website has been hacked and you need emergency hack repair we can help you right away with an emergency response. Our professional and experienced admins are on hand to analyse your hacked WordPress website and resolve any malware, sterilise with complete removal with a priority response and with 7 days aftercare you can be assured that you are in good hands.

Emergency response

We don’t use automated software so within office hours you will get our fastest response.

Complete malware removal

We will keep crushing those malicious infections until they are nowhere to be seen.

Priority treatment

With the emergency package you get fast tracked straight to the top of the queue.

7 day aftercare

We’ll continue to monitor your site for 7 days to ensure that your site remains malware-free post recovery.

Real-time updates

We will keep you updated on our progress via support ticket, live chat or whatsapp.

One-off payment

The emergency service is available for a single one-off fee, there’s no recurring fees or subscription.

Only €250,00 EUR One Time including 7 days of protection

Frequently Asked Questions

What is WordPress Hack Repair?

There are many different types of hacks targetted at WordPress, many of which could have been avoided with a good maintenance schedule and server security.

If your site gets hacked, we will do manual disinfection of your site, clean it up, secure it and monitor for 7 days to make sure the issue does not reappear and if it does, keep working until its resolved.

What are vulnerabilities and malware?

website vulnerability is a weakness or misconfiguration in a website or web application code that allows an attacker to gain some level of control of the site, and possibly the hosting server. Most vulnerabilities are exploited through automated means, such as vulnerability scanners and botnets.

Malware, short for malicious software, is used to gather sensitive data, gain unauthorized access to websites and even hijack computers.

What is the estimated turnaround time for cleaning up a hacked site?

The time it can take to cure a hacked WordPress website depends on the extent of the infection.

For example, some hacks will target files only, one or more, others will inject directly into the database and depending on how many injections have been made, this can take a while.

Also depends on how many files you have in your site if its a relatively straightforward brochure site with 20 pages, then it will go quicker than a WordPress site with Woocoomerce and 5,000 products.

So to answer, to cure a hacked WordPress site can take anywhere between 1-5 hours. 

Do you use automated software to cure my wordpress site?

In general, our service is performed by a dedicated member of our team, not a robot or an automated system like you find with many popular security services. 

To save time during the first stages of the job, they will use some scanners to scan for malicious code as it saves a lot of time, however, the actual disinfecting is done manually.

What types of issues do you look for?

We have the experience and ability to perform a manual cleanup using various methods:

  • File-based Malware Scanning and Removal: This involves us running an automated Passover of your files to expose anything obvious, after that, we also do a visual check of changed files.
  • Vulnerability Scanning: We will run automated and manual scans of your site to see where there are leaks.
  • Application Security and Vulnerability Patching: If we find any vulnerable parts of your site, we will patch those holes with updates and manual security techniques.
How quickly will you jump on the case?

A lot of other hack repair services use automated technology, which quite often is not accurate and fails to find issues. We have tested the main hack repair services and found they missed obvious malware in sites, so whilst the promise of “30-minute emergency response”, more often than not they don’t provide the same accuracy as a real person looking at the account. 

We are based in Marbella, Spain which is on Central European Time (CET) so during CET business hours, 9 am until 8 pm, we get onto it right away, say within 15-30 minutes and once we receive your login details.

Outside of office hours, weekends and bank holidays we might take a little longer, however, if it’s super urgent, which it usually is, then when you place your order, reply back saying it’s super urgent and we will get onto it asap.

We do check our email pretty much 24/7.

Do you provide an after action report?

Yes, we will send you an after-action report which will detail:

  1. The initial issue
  2. Cause of the issue
  3. Mitigation steps taken to resolve the issue
  4. Additional steps taken to secure the software
  5. Recommended prevention steps for future prevention

The after-action report will also contain screenshots and relevant information about the hack.

NOTE: this is not an automated report, this report is manually created.

Want to Discuss Protecting Your Website?

If your WordPress website is important to you and a hacked website would cause your business damage of reputation or bottom line, then contact us to discuss securing your website and protect it so you have peace of mind.

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