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You are looking at this page because you want to see if we can do the job you want to hire us for. We are not the types to brag but yes, we are pretty confident we can do the job. SO LETS GO!
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We take customer satisfaction seriously and have built up a solid reputation for providing a knowledgeable and professional service. We look at our relationships with our clients with a long term view and work hard to maintain positive two way feedback.

First, let us present you with some reviews from our clients.

Brenda Wartenberg
Brenda W.
Excellent fast and efficient service.Justin and Craig are way ahead of their game and are quick to respond and resolve any issues raised.
Rachel Marrison
Rachel M.
We have been with this company more years than I can remember and have always had fantastic service. Any problems/queries always resolved immediately.I would very much recommend them for webhosting to web design or any other of your digital needs
CostaSpine Health and Medical
CostaSpine Health and M.
My experience with JUCRA has been unbelievable, they are a company who is very efficient and competent at what they do, will respond within 24 hours and resolve the matter ASAP, highly highly recommend them and overall one of the good companies along the coast which you can trust!!
Suncoaster Group
Suncoaster G.
We have worked with Craig for many years. He offers a very professional reliable service. Highly recommended =)
Holly Howard
Holly H.
Always helpful, reasonable prices, nice people. What else can I say? Thank you!
Tom Makin
Tom M.
Thank you very much for your great work. We here at eclipseArts circus in Bristol U.K.Wish you all the best for the future.
Asia Pacific
Asia P.
Shane O'Neill
Shane O.
Morgan Scott
Morgan S.
Peter Jack Marmot
Peter Jack M.
Jucra created my website from scratch and did an excellent job. Very creative and professional. Thank you Craig for your patience in dealing with all the changes needed to get things just right, well done!
caroline von tuempling
caroline von T.
Capanes Luxury Living Capanes Del Golf
Capanes Luxury Living Capanes Del G.
Quick to respond and have a professional system in place to show you through the process of the work I requested Would recommend!
Benedetta Bono
Benedetta B.
Best professionals ever! Highly recommended
Santos Young
Santos Y.
The new web site you made for me was excellent. Thanks guys!!
Jennifer Welch
Jennifer W.
Very supportive tea. Justin explains things in a logical manner.
Heather Vaughan
Heather V.
+1 karma for the guys and gals at jucra.
Anne Dowd
Anne D.
I have been client fo jucra digital for some time and they really are the best digital marketing company in marbella if not the world.
Kimberly Quinn
Kimberly Q.
Jucra knows their stuff. We had an issue with our web host and Craig migrated everything for us in record time. ??
Rosa Matthews
Rosa M.
Very professional and easy to work with. Highly recommend their work. ??
Lambert Rebecca
Lambert R.
Thanks Justin for the help and advice you gave on the phone, was a pleasure talking to someone who was honest and wanted to help, proper customer service.
Teresa Brown
Teresa B.
The online workshop and the advice has paid for itself 10 times over. Thanks Justin!
Alison Jones
Alison J.
Outstanding Experience!
Sue Parsons
Sue P.
l was recommended to jucra by a colleague thanks to him , Very helpful & easy to talk to . Thanks to them I now have a great website.
barbara pickup
barbara P.
Isabelle Défayes Byrn
Isabelle Défayes B.
Thanks Justin for your time and tips. Highly appreciated!!
Frank Kearn
Frank K.
Very happy with the seo results so far within a short time I can see some positive movements to my rankings. I also like the reporting you provide. Very cool. Thanks.
Morena Garcia
Morena G.
Thank you Justin for the workshop was very helpful and informative.
Martin Wittleton
Martin W.
Thank you guys for the facebook ads and landing pages. I have already receiving some viewings. I will recommend you to my colleagues. Your offices are very nice. Will be nice to see you again for a workshop.
Ingrid Kleiner
Ingrid K.
I was hesitant at first but when I receive the free seo report by Jucra I was very surprised at all the things my current seo has missed. Justin has helped me fix the issues. Very good service.
Elena Montoya
Elena M.
These guys are the very best at facebook ads. I was using another company for my ads but when I switched to jucra they leapt on my account and delivered from day one. Good team to work with!
monique vandoorn
monique V.
Stuart Kennedy
Stuart K.
Very helpful after i was hacked they got the problem sorted on a personal level leaving us very secure and happy.
Paul O'Mahony
Paul O.
Great service from the guys at Jucra, they have a wealth of knowledge in all things relating to online marketing. Always quick to respond!
colin shatwell
colin S.
Excellent knowledgeable service. Fast response. Good reaction to Customer input. A pleasure to work with and would recommend to others without question.
Justin Menchen
Justin M.
Absolutely the best !
The Property Agent Costa del Sol
The Property Agent Costa del S.
Very professional and helpful! Always willing to support, help, and provide the best service.

Some of our work

Over the years we undertaken all kinds of works from web design, graphic design, online marketing, hosting, email services, domain name management to name a few, so the list below proves that whatever you need doing we can deliver the final product.

Logo Designs

We have designed TONNES of logos for different companies using our proven crowd source method giving the client a vast array of options. We turnaround things fast too. We can have a full suite of logo concepts to you within 7 days.

Click Here to View Logo Designs

Web Sites

We have literally worked on hundreds of projects (800+) so far to many to list here, so here is a list of some of our more recent web design projects we have undertaken. We are wordpress specialists so all websites are built in wordpress as its solid and stable CMS system and coupled with our hosting and security practices, very secure.

Cronin Insurance (Insurance in Uk and Spain)

Cronin Insurance provides corporate and private  client insurance products. The owner was creating a new company and needed logo creation and corp id as well as a functioning and professional website. We host and maintain the web site.

Visit cronininsurance.co.uk


Dallimore Marbella (Real Estate in Marbella)

Diana was using a web designer in the UK who simply continued to let her down with technical issues, delays and excuses which was costing the company time and money in lost leads. We created a brand new web site in wordpress integrated with the Inmoba real estate CRM. We host and maintain the web site now.

Visit dallimoremarbella.com


Winkworth Real Estate (Real Estate in Marbella)

Winkworth Spain is part of the Winkworth group in the UK which comprises over 100 offices in and around the London area. We created a new web site design from scratch based on the client specifications. The site is built on wordpress and is integrated with both Resales Online and the Inmoba real estate CRM. 

Visit winkworth.es


Frontier Hotel Romania (4 Star Hotel in Romania)

The Frontier Hotel came to us after they felt their current web designer was not up to the job so had us build a new website in English, Romanian and Ukrainian. We created a website on wordpress in the three languages. We provided the translations and created their social media profiles.

Visit frontierhotelromania.com


Arctic Spas (Spa Company in Canada)

We have been working with Arctic Spas for several years producing websites for their main brand and dealer network system which is 150 + dealers. We have created a unique white label system which allows them to host multiple whitelabel sites under one wordpress and on different domains.

Visit arcticspas.com


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