You don’t need a backup until you need it

by | 17 Jan, 2020 | Latest News

What is the most common cause of data loss? You’d be surprised…

Did you know that the most common cause of data loss, which is actually more common than a hurricane, huge fire or an earthquake, is actually your own employees and human error? According to the UK Information Commissioner’s office, human error was responsible for almost two-thirds (62%) of the incidents reported to the ICO. This was much greater than other causes, like insecure web pages and hacking, which were a distant 9% combined.  

It is said that if you don’t have your data in at least two places, it doesn’t exist.


A backup is a digital copy of your most important information and is critical to any business of any size because disasters, both human and natural, do happen. It’s a fact of life. And when they happen, your mission-critical data can get lost. Permanently.

Here at JUCRA Digital we take backups very seriously! We do backups of the backups. Our backup array is 30TB. All our servers have full daily backups which we retain for 12 months and we also do daily incremental backups which we keep for 15 days. This means that our clients are always fully covered. 

We place a high focus on server security as well as business continuity and have advanced security with imunify360 from Cloud Linux, a leader in web security. Our network is global with servers in the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States all managed by our inhouse team.

But what about your personal data? Your photos and contacts? You may have your business backed up, but what about the rest?

We recommend doing regular backups of your important files. The more frequent, the better.

Backups can be done to an external, disconnected hard drive or USB or to an online (cloud) service. An automatic backup is a default or ‘set and forget’ system that backs up your data for you automatically.

Need help setting this up? We highly recommend Marbella Mac Solutions ( who have a variety of options available to help you ensure that everything is safe and secure. Book a call and they can help you decide on the most efficient route, whether you have a Mac or a PC.

Stay safe!


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