Your website should be the centre of your online world

Your website should be the centre of your online world

Businesses require a strong online presence to ensure success. But it’s important to know where to focus your attention and base your digital marketing strategy around the best performing and most easy to control tools. At the very heart of everything should be your website. This website should look great, work well and generate new customers and all of your other digital marketing tools should revolve around this central point.

We know that in today’s digital world there’s pressure to be active on every social media platform, uploading content, videos and great photography every day. Of course, these are incredible marketing tools and we’d encourage you to be active on the platforms where your target clientele “hangs out”. However, ask yourself whether concentrating on social media, or other digital marketing techniques is taking your focus away from your own website. Is your site being regularly updated, are you posting quality content on there and does it represent you in the right way?

Don’t abandon your website

If your answer to these questions is no, you are not alone! We’re finding that people are forgetting about the need to update and improve your website on a regular basis and that business owners are focusing their attention elsewhere.

As digital marketing experts, we’re here to tell you that you need to remember that website. This is the digital space that you own and you’re not at the whims of Zuckerberg and his algorithms. It is something that you can control and which should be at the very centre of all your digital marketing strategies.

A website is not something that should be created and then abandoned. A website needs updating on a regular basis for a number of reasons. A website, just like a car, needs regular maintenance to ensure it’s running well. This is particularly important as a lack of maintenance can leave you at risk of hacking, or simply stopping working and leave your customers high and dry.

It should also be updated regularly with interesting and keyword-rich content for both the search engines and your visitors to enjoy. Having blogs uploaded every week, or every month, improves your rankings in the search engines, positions you as an expert and gives you content for social media too, so it is all interlinked.

Why is having a great website so important?   

A great website is an incredible asset for your business. Having a website that not only ranks well and can be found, but also works really well for your clients should be a top priority.

You should also check that the website is converting those website visitors from clicks to sales, or that they are encouraged to leave their contact details so your sales team can do their work. We explained in a previous article that quality web design can get you more customers and how it should be thought of as your digital shop window and essential to sales. Conversion should be at the heart of the web design and strategy for the site and your analytics should be constantly reviewed to see what is working and what is not.

We’d recommend making changes to contact forms, adding download guides, special offers and other sales techniques. Add these things regularly, but gradually and test what works the best for your customers and boosts your bottom line. Optimising the site, for search, usability and lead generation should be an ongoing process, as the difference quite small changes can make would surprise you.

COVID has shown us the importance of having an online presence so that business can continue, even when shops have to shut. It has caused offline businesses to pivot and push their activities online like never before. However, don’t forget about it now we’re getting back to normal. Remember that your website is a valuable asset that contributes to the overall value of your business. Investing in your website is investing in your business, so make sure you allocate the resources that it needs to be running well, protected from hackers, updated with great content and converting the maximum amount of visitors as it possibly can. The investment can make an enormous difference to your online sales.

JUCRA is here to help you with all aspects of your digital marketing. We can design and build your website, with conversion at the very core of the strategy and design. We offer web hosting and business email services. We also offer website care plans which take care of all the updates, to ensure that the site is secure, backed up and running as well as it possibly can be. With more than 20 years in the business and a problem-solving attitude, we have the knowledge, skills and proactive approach to make the most of your website and digital marketing and help you sell more online. Contact us to find out how we could work with you.