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What is a WordPress Support Contract?

For most businesses, their online presence is usually the first point of contact for their clients, so making sure that your site is updated with fresh content, bug free and accessible is one of prime importance.

For example, software like WordPress require regular maintenance whether its updating the core software, adding blog posts, security issues and when you need advice or help with something on your website, then you need someone who knows what they are doing and to guide you.

Sure, like plumbing, you can figure it out yourself eventually after spending hours of researching online and reading books, but why waste your own valuable time when we can do it for you on request.

Three great reasons to use a wordpress support contract

Less hassle for you, you do what YOU do best and let us take care of the tech

Your job is to do what you do best, not stress about making changes to your web sites.

We offer you peace of mind knowing we are there for you at the end of the line

We are literally an email or phone call away and ready to spring into action. So anything needs done, know we will be there.

We are dedicated wordpress professionals and love wordpress

We have been working with wordpress from day dot and host, built and maintain thousands of wordpress sites. You are in good hands.

So, what do we do in a webmaster support contract?

  • Expedited response times
  • Min 2 hours of support**
  • WordPress updates
  • Plugin updates
  • Adding of content
  • Daily Offsite backups
  • Free staging site
  • Security and hack repair
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Site speed monitoring
  • Code help
  • Outage help
  • Webmaster help
  • Speed optimisation help
  • Access to Premium plugins

**What sort of things can I ask for in the 2 hours per month?

  • Sort out google analytics
  • Fix alignment issues
  • Add new content to the site
  • Speed optimisation
  • Resizing images
  • Liaise with PPC providers
  • Add products to the site
  • Create photo galleries
  • Speak to hosting providers
  • Add new pages
  • Send a email campaign

Packages and rates for wordpress support contract

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the subscription monthly?
You will be billed on the first calendar day of each month by credit card and the contract is renewed automatically each month until cancelled.
Is there a cancellation period?
Yes. We require 30 days cancellation notice.
How many sites can I have under my subscription?
The price listed on this page is for one website. This price is for standalone wordpress web sites or normal web sites, not wordpress multi site or sites with woocommerce. If you have a wordpress multi site, please contact us for a quote.
I have a woocommerce site, is the price still €149?
Woocommerce, whilst an excellent plugin, requires a little extra maintenance and care so we charge an additional €100 per month for sites with woocommerce.
If my site gets hacked, am I covered?
Yes. We will perform regular scanning of your site to prevent a hack occurring but in the event your site does actually get hacked, then we will fix the issue and if it reoccurs we will keep fixing it until it’s resolved.
Where do you store my backups and how many backups do you do?
If your host allows it, we will perform daily, nightly backups in the early hours of the morning when your server is quietest. These backups are stored in our off site server array in Germany which is specifically for backups. We will keep at least 14 days backup for you.
If I phone you, is this counted in the support time?
It’s really at our discretion. Usually we don’t count it, but we prefer emails, so if you do phone us and keep us hung up on the phone for 20 minutes, then probably, we will count that as support time. Email is by far the best communication medium however we do understand that “sometimes” it’s not possible to relay things in writing.