Case Study: Integration of Inmoba and Resales Online for Enhanced Real Estate Listings

Integration of Inmoba and Resales Online for Enhanced Real Estate Listings


A prominent real estate agency in Marbella, specialising in resales and development properties, faced a unique requirement. They needed their website to display their exclusive property listings from the INMOBA CRM system along with additional options from the expansive RESALES ONLINE database. This integration was crucial as the client had about 300 + exclusive properties stored in the INMOBA CRM but wanted to enhance their portfolio with the vast selection available through RESALES ONLINE.


The primary challenge was integrating two distinct data sources, each with its own schema, into the client’s website. The goal was to present these combined listings seamlessly, highlighting their exclusive properties while simultaneously offering a broader range of options from RESALES ONLINE. This integration needed to maintain the exclusivity of their listings while also giving the appearance of an extensive portfolio.


Our approach involved developing a bespoke import script. This script, based on an XML import feed, synchronized over 300 + property listings from INMOBA to the client’s WordPress site every 30 minutes. This ensured a rapid database search for visitors and consistent updates between the INMOBA CRM and the website.

Furthermore, we implemented a feature on the INMOBA results pages. When users reached the end of these listings, they encountered a prompt indicating the availability of additional properties matching their search criteria, sourced from RESALES ONLINE. This prompt, dynamically generated based on the user’s original search, seamlessly directed them to the RESALES ONLINE database, enhancing their search experience without them realizing the switch.

Technologies Utilised

The integration was achieved using a combination of WordPress, PHP, the Inmoba XML feed, and the Resales Online API, along with XML and JSON technologies. This robust combination enabled us to meet the client’s needs effectively, blending two disparate data sources into a cohesive and user-friendly experience on their real estate website.

Craig Edmonds

Post Written by Craig Edmonds

Craig is one of the owners of JUCRA Digital and reigns from a hospitality and finance background, however, fell into web design and development in 2000 after leaving the world of finance to go on a sabbatical in Marbella, Spain where he has been ever since. Craig really loves the challenge of the internet, digs WordPress and loves Cpanel.